CONTAI at Mexico City RETO CDMX Competition 26 - 28.6.2020


CONTAI Autonomous in Tallinn 26.8.2020 

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Public open air exhibition brings vehicles to the park 26 August

The open air exhibition in the lower garden of the Kadriorg Art Museum is organised for the public interested to get acquainted with innovative means of transport and exciting existing technological solutions that help improve mobility in a complex urban environment. CONTAI, Navya, Bolt, Iseauto, Volkswagen, Audi and several other companies operating at the forefront of future transport will participate in the exhibition.

CONTAI Emerging autonomous ground level logistics in Tallinn exhibition


Organisations have developed sustainable and automated public transportation solutions. Beside public transport sustainable urban logistics has important role in reducing congestion and carbon emissions and in improving air quality - and services.

Autonomous and sustainable freight solutions will respond to the challenges raised by the growth of parcel and food e-commerce - partly due to the Covid-19 pandemic.
The future disruptive autonomous freight consists of the self driving solution, automatic cargo handling system and the smart infrastructure. CONTAI has created the concept for sustainable and autonomous ground level urban logistics and prototypes to address this new paradigm.
Current AMR robots and eVehicles rely on fixed loading docks for roll container loading/unloading. Obviously, this is far from a flexible solution.

The CONTAI solution is the first in the world to autonomously load cargo directly from plain ground, such as roll cages, recycle bins and new CONTAI Customer Centric Click-and-Collect pop-up micro hubs for online food pick-up – pure autonomously, without any assistance at either end of the supply chain.