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Value to Operators

  • direct savings in labor, time and investments

  • better fleet utilization rate

  • extremely scalable applications

  • mileage savings

  • eligible outbound connections

  • on-demand freight handling spots

  • recycling and waste collection services

  • reverse last-mile logistics

  • indoor last-meter services

  • Potentials for wider offering

  • multiple vehicle manufacturers

  • way towards autonomy

Value to City

  • roadmap for all last-mile services

  • compliant with sustainable regulations

  • scalablelow-cost micro cityhubs by demand

  • cityhub space and traffic savings

  • shared last-mile shipments

  • extreme large operator resource pool 

  • smooth way towards autonomy

  • citizen and environment well being

Value to Customers

  • direct cost savings

  • freedom to choose operators

  • reverse logistics

  • flexible no-cost freight handling areas

  • indoor last-meter services

  • faster service

  • less goods damages

  • near e-commerce mobile pick-up hubs

  • better protection and safety