“AnyCargo – AnyVehicle – AnyMile – AnySpot – even Autonomously”

Commitment for creating system level solution
for Urban logistics

CONTAI AnyX is characterised as a global logistics ecosystem that constructs connected logistics services in urban areas through modular micro Pods, ground-level mPod exchange Hubs, curbside Loading spots, manned and unmanned light commercial Vehicles equipped with automatic Loaders, including common module interfaces and connectivity protocols.

Passion for innovation and sustainability in developing
a future-proof solution for all

During years of trials and thought experiments we have covered all angles of the truly connected urban logistics: module architecture with strategic physical interfaces, technical boundaries for existing logistics and urban infrastructure, digital integrations and openness to future mobility creation.

Multiple mPods on ride, narrow enough to access indoors

From fragmented approaches towards
standardised modular solutions

The AnyX platform is highly scalable, intelligent and environmentally friendly to improve the technical and collaborative cross-use of modules and process automation in sorting centres, city space, city hubs, curbside and any final delivery and indoor collection location.

Multimodal mPods can utilize tracks and station mHubs

Physical Internet as a strategic foundation

AnyX extends and implements the Physical Internet initative in particular for
the first, last and indoor micro mile.
The Physical Internet framework is led by The European Technology Platform ALICE. CONTAI’s focus area is Urban Physical Internet connected to the
entire supply chain.

CONTAI Any-X platform is also autonomy compatible

AnyX is ready for action!

CONTAI Any-X platform eBike cargo trailers