For Partners

Together we can realise new business models

CONTAI will cooperate with you and your clients and suppliers to realise new business models enabled by the emergent AnyX Urban Physical Internet approach, i.e. by cross-using via smart interfaces OEM vehicle and robot platforms, fit for purpose mPods, CONTAI AutoLoaders, intangible mHubs – to optimize and to exceed your customer expectations in every delivery case.

with an autonomous-ready platform

CONTAI contributes its deep expertise in engineering of lean physical and digital interfaces between scalable modules and city infrastructure, enabling current and future autonomous equipment configurations to be used simultaneusly in manual and robotised operations.

and by becoming a licensed partner

Are you from a far-thinking company who seriously aims to become a forerunner of future Urban Physical Internet? CONTAI offers you the opportunity to become a licensed AnyX Product Owner by combining local resources and your own expertise in logistics with the future-proof cargo handling technology.

we can create a winwin business

CONTAI offers unique AnyX last and micro mile ecosystem technology in terms of scalability with smooth combination and transition from your current assets towards autonomous technologies.
This creates a unique win-win business opportunity for Operators and Product Owners to utilize an exclusive urban area logistics solution.
CONTAI AnyX IPR portfolio makes the business fair for all committed Partners.

CONTAI Urban Physical Internet schema

Let’s roll together!

Last-mile service is a rapidly growing – and challenging business area due to
e-commerce, re-commerce, urbanization, changes in customer behavior, decarbonisation and tightening regulations. That’s why now is the right time to make a strategic move towards cost-saving, connected, rational and collaborative way of operation!

We in CONTAI invite you to keep in touch and become a CONTAI Partner.


Seppo Narinen, M.Sc.(Eng)
Business ID FI29420279 
Ruskepääntie 3, 38100 Sastamala

CONTAI is a member of Smart Logistics Partnership Alliance,
a member of The European Technology Platform ALICE.

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